12 memorable moments from Summer in the City 2015

Summer in the City once again proved to be a great place to create memories that will last a lifetime, giving fans the chance to meet their favourite YouTubers. The annual convention boasted guest panels, live performances and meet-and-greets with some of the web’s biggest stars.

The Tube Chum team was at the YouTube event this weekend soaking up the atmosphere and there was plenty going on that caught our attention.

Read on as we take a look at 12 memorable moments from our time at Summer in the City 2015 .

1. Cutting the ribbon

The grand opening of Saturday’s SitC event saw show founder Tom Burns cutting the ribbon to officially begin the day. There were waves of screaming fans in attendance. Check out our quick video below.

2. Mazzi Maz showing dedication to his fans

One YouTuber who really impressed us this year was Mazzi Maz, who spent hours on his feet meeting fans throughout the day with a constant smile on his face.

We didn’t see the YouTube star take any breaks from his meetings as he continued to pose for selfies and sign autographs. Respect!


3. TomSka ‘sneaking’ backstage

Tube Chum spotted popular British YouTuber TomSka trying to keep a low profile as he arrived at the event on Saturday. Tom zoomed across the show floor and snuck backstage to avoid getting swamped by fans as he went to prepare for the day.

It wasn’t long before the asdfmovie creator was out meeting fans, though. In typical TomSka style, the YouTuber was busy all weekend meeting fans, signing autographs and attending panels.

4. Sorted Food

The guys from Sorted Food were walking around Summer in the City throughout the day and developed their own queue of fans waiting to have a picture taken with the popular foodies.

5. Meet and Greets

As you’d expect, meet and greets were a big part of the Summer in the City experience this year, with many fans queueing in their hundreds.

We spotted a host of popular YouTubers including Dan & Phil, Laci Green and Niki and Sammy.


6. #Cuetherevolution

Whilst touring some of the merchandise stalls at Summer in the City, we bumped into the team at Cue Songs, who hope to make it possible for YouTubers to use chart music without running into any legal problems.

We’ll be taking a closer look at the service in the near future, so stay tuned.

7. Stage Performances

The main stage performances were another highlight of the Summer in the City weekend with many big names grabbing the microphone, including itsamemyleo and Daniel J Layton (pictured below).


8. Funfair

Bumper Cars and other themed funfair rides were a welcome addition to this year’s event.

The attractions were very popular with crowds at SitC. Big-name YouTubers weren’t the only ones to cause a few screams!


9. Dude Where’s My Challenge?

Tube Chum waved a friendly hello to the lovable chaps from Dude Where’s my Challenge? The YouTube daredevils posed for photos with fans and pulled plenty of silly faces in the process.

Make sure you check out our interview with the guy from Dude Where’s my Challenge here.

10. NikiNSammy

YouTube twins Niki and Sammy Albon were at Saturday’s Summer in the City gathering and spoke to a fascinated audience during their meet and greet.

The duo also appeared on the How to start your Vlogging Channel panel, offering some tips on creating a popular YouTube channel from scratch.


11. Toby Randall

13 year-old YouTube singing sensation Toby Randall was greeting fans at the event and was spotted being interviewed by film crews to discuss his success online.

The young star then followed up his appearance with a performance on the main stage on Sunday, which blew fans away judging by Twitter’s reaction.

12. Dancing at #Cuetherevolution

Everyone enjoyed themselves at Summer in the City this year and what better way to express your excitement than by busting some moves on the dance floor?

Luckily, we were there to capture the moment.

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What was your favourite SitC moment? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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