5 of the Best: YouTube Proposal Videos

Tube Chum takes a closer look at YouTube’s greatest proposal videos, featuring the likes of Charles Trippy and Matt Hulbert.

When YouTube user Matt Hulbert wanted to propose to his girlfriend Janice he knew he needed some celebrity help, so after pledging an amount to a recent Kickstarter, he managed to get Scrubs star Zach Braff on board. The results are as fun as they are emotional.

If you’re a musician you would probably want one of the biggest moments in your life to be somewhat musical and that’s exactly what happened with Isaac Lamb back in May 2012 when he proposed to his girlfriend, Amy.

The future Mrs Lamb was treated to a live lip dub of Bruno Mars’ hit “Marry Me” starring her boyfriend and a cast of family and friends. Bruno Mars himself tweeted at the time.

Everyone loves going to the cinema. You see the latest films, hang out with your friends or maybe have a romantic time with your significant other; so when Ginny from America was going to see Fast 5 with her boyfriend Matt Stills she was probably quite miffed that he couldn’t go, forcing her to go with her brother instead.

What she ended up with was probably better than dinner and a movie though, and over 27 million views suggest a lot of people agree.

With YouTube proposal videos you often don’t feel like you know the people involved, but you get a sense of how special the occasion is. This was rather different for subscribers to Charles Trippy’s channel who had been following his and Ally’s love story over four years ago.

When Charles pulled a surprise proposal on holiday in Spain, the feels were multiplied. For more feels, the Trippy’s uploaded a video from their wedding (over two years later!) too.

No YouTube list really feels complete without a flashmob and when YouTube user ccjone01 wanted to show girlfriend Allison how much he loved her, he got more than a little help.

It would be spoiling the video if we told you exactly what happened but as with every YouTube Proposal in this list it’s safe to say they were more than a little surprised; just a good thing none of these ladies said no.

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