5 of the funniest British YouTuber collabs ever

Alfie’s Painful Operation Challenge is a crazy blend of laughter, screams and skill.

The cheeky Brit and his friends try and play a game of Operation, but with a scary twist. After rolling a dice, the YouTubers have to play the famous game whilst another shocks them with a gadget strapped around their arm.

This video had us cringing and creasing, especially when Alfie’s Sister Poppy rolls a five and struggles to play the kid’s boardgame as Evil Alfie gives her a buzz.

Lol! Zoe’s reaction to Poppy getting shocked

Dan and Phil – The 7 Second Challenge

We couldn’t put together a list of our top collabs without including Dan and Phil with their awesome 7 Second Challenge app.

Dan should be pretty chuffed with his 7-second space rap (‘space, space, it’s the best!’) but Phil needs to work on his knowledge of boy’s names. No, Phil, we’ve never met a human being called ‘DOG’.

Lol! Phil shouting ‘DOG’ at a very, very confused Dan

Joe Sugg, Zoella, Alfie Deyes, MyNamesChai, Caspar Lee – YouTube Whispers

Put five YouTubers in a room and there’s definitely going to be some laughs.

Joe’s tough YouTube Whispers challenge sees him and his friends stick some headphones on their bonces before trying to work out what the person opposite them is shouting.

There’s some pretty rude sentences flying around in this hectic collab and we can’t help but smile at Joe laughing in the background of the shot as his friends fail at the game.

Lol! Chai trying and failing (massively) to understand what Alfie is saying

Which YouTube collab was your favourite? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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