5 Reasons why Gangnam Style is YouTube’s Favourite Video

Psy’s Gangnam Style recently surpassed 2 billion views over on YouTube, making it the website’s most-viewed video of all time.

Like it or not, the catchy Korean ditty has hooked listeners across the globe, with an action-packed music video featuring questionable dancing, horses, sexy yoga and explosions.

We’re willing to admit that Gangnam Style is rather fun to watch and listen to, but we also want to find out why YouTube loves it so much.

Read on as we explore the 5 reasons why Gangnam Style is YouTube’s favourite video.

First, let’s watch Gangnam Style one more time, shall we?

1) Dancing in questionable locations

The Gangnam Style music video sees our South Korean friend Psy bopping around in a wide variety of undeniably impractical locations.

At one moment Psy is Gangnam-ing his way through a stable full of confused horses and the next minute he’s on top of a building clearly not respecting health and safety regulations. We’re also treated to shots from the tennis court and an underground train station. K then.

Dancing in places where it makes no sense to dance is great and YouTube agrees.

2) Psy’s face

If there’s one thing that completes a YouTube video it’s a funny reaction or skewed facial expression.

Gangnam Style has a whole lot to give, thanks to Psy and his gurning, screaming and pouting.

Whether he’s lying on his stomach on the floor of an elevator or staring seductively at a group of yoga girls, Psy has such an over-exaggerated facial expression that we don’t know whether to laugh or be slightly nervous.

3) Rowdy bus trip

If you’re a passenger on the same bus as Psy, then you’d better be ready to un-clip that seat belt and jig through the isle awkwardly.

We’re big fans of the bus scenes in the Gangnam Style music video purely because a cramped, moving vehicle seems like the worst possible place to organise a dance-off. Psy’s bus trip looks really odd, and that’s great.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.18.40

‘Sit down, for f*ck’s sake.’

As viewers, we’re left wondering what the bus driver is thinking at this point. Imagine looking in your mirror and seeing Psy stood on the seats thrusting in your direction. Seems off-putting.

4) Sexy yoga

Gangnam’s naughty yoga scene has clearly played a part in getting viewers to watch the YouTube video.

We look on in horror as a sneaky Psy dances his way into the centre of a Yoga class and stares at some arses to make the trip worthwhile.

YouTube likes cheeky and Gangnam Style delivers. Sexy yoga makes it into our list of reasons why the music video has proved so popular online.

5) The Gangnam

How can a list of reasons why Gangnam is so popular not include the dance itself?

Psy’s sideways jigging and invisible horse riding has cemented Gangnam Style‘s place in YouTube’s hall of fame.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 12.17.01

Stables are ideal for dancing in, we hear.

We’d be lying if we said we haven’t tried to replicate Psy’s moves on several occasions.

Why do you think Gangnam style has proved so popular? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet us at @TubeChum.

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