6 annoying things that YouTubers do

Jump cut overload

“Jump cuts between every sentence” – Dampsquid27

“Yeh, I don’t get that. They’ll jump cut every few words at times. Can they not formulate full sentences and memorise them? It just seems like a lot of pointless editing” – TheBen1818

Those broken promises

“When YouTubers say that they’ll put something in the description box and they don’t put something in the description box” – Georgia4eva

Bright lighting

“Extremely bright lighting that washes out their faces” – Celty007

“Jenna Marbles has been doing this A LOT lately. It hurts my eyes, even with my brightness turned all the way down” – AlasEarwax8

Other Reddit suggestions include these irritating habits:

Posting videos on random schedules once every couple of weeks

Dirty fingernails in unboxing videos

‘Heavily sponsored’ videos

Sensitivity to negative comments

Royalty-free ukulele backing tracks

Oh Reddit, never change.

Do you agree with the list? Let us know what you’d add by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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Tom Morgan

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