6 reasons to get excited for Joe and Caspar Hit the Road

One of our favourite YouTube pairs, Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee, have finally revealed what they’ve been working on after teasing us for an eternity on Twitter.

The lads have announced Joe and Caspar Hit the Road, a DVD coming out later this year that follows the boys as they travel around Europe and film their exciting journey as they go. They’ll be heading to spots like Barcelona and Milan in a cute little VW camper van that’ll serve as their new home.


The boys are pretty excited too.

Here at Tube Chum, it’s safe to say we’re pretty pumped for the film. Whilst we twiddle our thumbs and wait impatiently for the film, here’s 6 reasons to get excited for Joe and Caspar Hit the Road.

The boys almost got arrested

In their announcement video Joe and Caspar told viewers that they almost got arrested during their adventure and ever since finding that out we’ve been wondering what the full story is.

Were they being as mischievous as ever, we wonder? Hurry up November, we need answers!

That #Jaspar chemistry

If you’ve ever watched a video starring Joe and Caspar then you’ll know that the YouTubers have a super fun and energetic presence on screen. They’re a great team.


Goofin’ around.

We never paid much attention in Geography lessons at school but we’ll gladly hear Caspar make some sarcastic comments about the sights and sounds of Europe whilst Joe pulls faces.

Wacky outfits galore

We love the fact that the boys aren’t afraid to make themselves look silly.

Caspar has rocked a girl’s yoga outfit in the past with Zoella on YouTube, as well as some funky onesies and a superhero costume. Joe has joined the party before too, showing off novelty glasses, Cinderella coats and fake moustaches.

Fingers crossed that we get to see #Jaspar in some funny outfits in Joe and Caspar Hit the Road.

Get inspired to travel yourself

Travelling is an incredible thing and we’ll probably end up booking a holiday to Europe right as the credits roll. This highly anticipated road trip will feature loads of gorgeous destinations that all offer something to make you go ‘wow’.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.33.53

Get out there and see the world (Image: Kim Seng)

If you’re looking for a fun way to learn more about the world thanks to some of the most entertaining YouTubers around, you’re in luck!

There’s going to be challenges along the way

We’ve watched Joe and Caspar in plenty of crazy challenge videos on YouTube before and we’re expecting the YouTubers to be put to the test again in their latest adventure.

The pair are only allowed to use money that they earn on each day of their trip, so we’re keen to find out how Joe and Caspar managed to cope. If they coped, that is..


We reckon the chances of the boys filming their own film without mucking around behind the scenes a little bit are almost zero.


Expect some silliness

Hopefully we’ll be treated to some bonus content on the DVD that’ll have us giggling our face off.

Bring on the bloopers!

Why are you excited for Joe and Caspar Hit the Road? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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