7 useful skills you can learn on YouTube

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Learning new skills can be a good way to impress your friends or bulk up your résumé, but mastering something new can be a hard, daunting experience.

Luckily, the internet is always on-hand to offer some much-needed support. As well as being a hub for vloggers, musicians and funny cat videos, YouTube is also a great place to learn new skills. Many experts have used the video-sharing platform as a place to share their wisdom and knowledge.

We’ve put together a list of seven new skills that you can learn on YouTube, so read on and learn some new tricks.


It may not be a skill that’s crucial to everyday life, but juggling can be a lot of fun and is a good way to improve your focus and coordination. It’s also been suggested that juggling can help with stress relief and improving your brain power.

YouTube boasts a broad catalogue of juggling tutorial videos, so you’re not short of options when it comes to learning techniques. For those of you who are daring enough, you could go one step further and learn how to juggle fire, although we only recommend that to those of you who are old enough and already have juggling experience. Obviously.

Playing Guitar

Many people pay large amounts of money for ‘proper’ guitar lessons and yet there are loads of talented and experienced guitar players offering free tuition online.

Learning to play guitar can be very challenging and mastering the instrument takes plenty of commitment and lots of hard work. Watching daily videos on YouTube could well be the support tool you need to get into the habit of learning and improving each day, so give it a go.

If playing guitar isn’t for you, there are plenty of other instruments that you could learn with YouTube’s help, including piano, trumpet and saxophone. Singing is always an option, too.


Photo-editing know-how is a great skill to have, particularly if you make YouTube videos yourself. Photoshop can be useful when making eye-catching thumbnails or graphics to use in your videos, so get stuck in.

Photoshop for Windows and Mac is also a great tool for goofing around and making silly images. Some companies charge a lot of money for training with the software and yet YouTube offers plenty of tutorials catering to both beginners and intermediate users.

Tie your shoelaces

This is a skill that many of us learn at quite a young age, but there are actually are more efficient ways to tie your shoelaces. So there’s that.

Many of these techniques can be found on YouTube, including the video below which shows you how to tie a shoelace in just 2 seconds!


Drawing is a skill that a lot of people would love to have. While some folk are naturally gifted when it comes to the arty stuff, drawing is something that can be learnt if you’re willing to put the work in.

Many of YouTube’s drawing videos might remind you of the old art shows that you’d enjoy as a kid and that’s not really a bad thing. A whole host of YouTube’s art channels offer great advice and guidance which will help you perfect your techniques, too.


Whether you’re looking to pick up some new moves for hitting the clubs or hoping to surprise your partner with your new skills, there’s no need to sneak away to dance classes.

YouTube is the perfect platform for professional dancers to share their knowledge and help viewers learn along with them. It offers you the chance to watch movements as many times as you need, making it even more effective than attending a class or watching a dance DVD.

Performing CPR

As great as it is to learn how to juggle or play guitar, there are plenty of skills that you can learn on YouTube that have the potential to save lives.

YouTube is a great source for developing basic medical knowledge which could be used to help someone in need. This could include doing the Heimlich maneuver or performing CPR, so getting to grips with some medical stuff is a no-brainer.

What skills has YouTube helped you get to grips with in the past? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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