7 YouTuber problems every creator can relate to

This is a big one. If you’ve been putting together YouTube videos for a while then you’ll no doubt have experienced some issues with sound, whether your audio is slightly rubbish or completely unusable.

We need even more Grumpy Cat in our lives.

Your face coz no sound

Sometimes, you’ll listen back to a shot filmed outside only to realise the wind makes it sounds like there’s a banshee behind the camera. Other times, you’ll realise your microphone wasn’t fully plugged into your camera, which means you’ve basically produced a mime tutorial.

Slow uploads

You’re sat at your desk slowly watching your video upload, check your watch and then head to Twitter, writing: “Sorry guys, it looks like my video’s going to be slightly delayed tonight!”

This is probably one of the most common YouTuber problems and it doesn’t look like going away anytime soon. Unless you’ve got a great internet connection, slow uploading is here to stay.

Forgetting to leave links in the description

Yes, this is a more minor YouTuber problem than some others we’ve mentioned, but it’s still a nuisance.

It’s easy to forget linking to another clip or article you talked about in your video after promising your audience you’d deliver the goods. Instead, you’ve left them frustrated, tears rolling down their face through not knowing where you bought that new sweater. Shame on you.

Here’s what Twitter had to say on the subject of YouTuber problems:

Can you think of any other YouTuber problems we’ve missed out? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

Featured image: Michael Bentley

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