8 Dan and Phil facts that may surprise you


It’s safe to say that British YouTube megastars Dan Howell and Phil Lester have had a pretty wild time during their years on YouTube. Proud members of the Phandom listen up, because today we’re sharing 8 facts about the comedy pair that may raise some eyebrows.

From facts about Phil’s first ever vlogs to Dan’s work with Disney, scroll down and brush up on your Dan and Phil knowledge.

1) Dan wasn’t always planning a career online

Before kicking things off over on YouTube, Dan briefly attended the University of Manchester, working towards a law degree before dropping out and following his dreams as Danisnotonfire. The rest, as they say, is history. (Via FamousBirthdays)

2) Phil’s first vlog was filmed in black and white

The first YouTube video ever uploaded by Phil found its way online on March 27, 2006, titled “Phil’s Video Blog – 27th March, 2006”. According to the folk over at Wikitubia, the vlog was shot on a black and white video camera that Phil had won inside a cereal box. Mad. (Via Wikitubia)

3) Dan has worked with Disney

Back in 2014, Dan’s voice was featured in Disney’s animated blockbuster Big Hero 6, which tells the tale of a lovable robot. In the UK cinema version of the film, Dan voiced ‘Male Technician #1’. If you didn’t know Dan was in Big Hero 6, perhaps it’s time to check the film out for yourself? (Via Wikitubia)

4) Phil once featured on an old quiz show

Remember The Weakest Link, that tough quiz show hosted by the semi-terrifying Anne Robinson? Phil was forced to look Anne right in the eyes when he appeared on The Weakest Link by himself. A picture of the moment shows a rather nervous, young-looking Phil holding up his voting card. On the subject of TV, Phil has also been involved with a Confused.com advert. Multi-talented. (Via fansite)

5) Dan has won an award for his looks

Back in 2012, readers of popular teen magazine Sugarscape crowned Mr Danisnotonfire as their “Hottest Lad of the Year”. Phwoar. (Via Wikitubia)

6) Dan and Phil are award-winning authors

If you’re a die-hard Dan and Phil fan, then the chances are quite high that you’ve flicked through every last page of the pair’s book, The Amazing Book is Not on FireAfter releasing their new page-turner, the book topped the General Hardbacks Sunday Times Bestsellers list, after Dan and Phil sae over 26,000 copies solid in the UK in the first week of release. Following the book’s UK success, The Amazing Book is Not on Fire went on to become a #1 New York Times Bestseller. Not bad. (Via Wikipedia)

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7) Phil is a world record holder

Rather unusually, Phil finds himself as a world record holder after managing to become the fastest coin stacker back in 2011. The talented YouTube managed to stack 25 coins in 31.617 seconds on top of each other. Cool? (Via IMDB)

8) Dan ‘probably wouldn’t’ date a fan

On the subject of getting into a relationship with an avid fan, Dan has said: “The idea sounds like a creepy 50-year-old rock star stroking his groupies, which I’m not really into”. Fair enough, Dan (Via Polyvore)

Are you a proud member of the Phandom? Let us know about your favourite YouTube video that Dan and Phil have filmed by tweeting us at @TubeChumIf you have any more cool facts about the YouTubers that we should add to our list, we’d love to hear about those too!

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