Interview: Alfie Deyes and The Pointless Book 2

Alfie Deyes has said that the demand for ‘The Pointless Book 2′ was too big to ignore, as he speaks to Tube Chum about the new book.

The much-anticipated sequel is filled with the same combination of fun activities and digital interaction that made the first one so popular.

Alfie has established himself as one of the biggest names on YouTube and his success quickly transferred into other forms of media, with his first book becoming an instant best seller.

Speaking to Tube Chum, Alfie explained why he was so keen to get to work on the second book:

“The reaction to the first book blew my mind! I never expected it to be as successful as it was.

“People kept on asking me if I was going to make a 2nd so I sat down with my publishers and thought how we could make the book even better and then the work on book 2 began!”

During its rise to the top of international book charts, it was clear that his book wasn’t just being bought by fans of his YouTube channel.

“The book can be used by anyone whether they watch my YouTube videos or not and I love this,” Alfie told Tube Chum, “Because it’s not aimed at anyone in particular, I feel it’s so easy to quickly pick up the book when bored, fill out a few pages and put it back in your bag.”

Alfie explains exactly what you can expect from The Pointless Book 2

The Pointless Book 2 will continue the digital aspect of the first one, with a supporting mobile app that brings some of the pages to life. Features include the ability to see Alfie’s version of some of the challenges in the book, as well as exclusive video content.

Speaking about the app, Alfie shared why he thought it was so important to include: “All of my audience is digital due to watching my YouTube videos, so it’d be silly not to offer them something digital. I also like to work in ways that I haven’t seen done before and creating an app to work alongside the book and offer extra content was an amazing opportunity to do something original.”

When asked about his favourite page in the book, Alfie added: “It has to be the design a shoe page! The app works so well on this page, I love it!”

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