Are fake pranks and publicity stunts taking over YouTube?

Other viewers felt that Fousey was simply using it as a way to promote his channel and get more exposure. Many tweeters felt that it was wrong for him to use ‘fake drama’ as a way of combating ‘drama’.

YouTuber Leafy has been particularly vocal about his thoughts on Fouseytube’s recent videos and recently tweeted: “For the future, If I ever say I like FouseyTube, you guys know that ISIS has me hostage”.

There have been many other examples of YouTubers being accused of creating ‘fake drama’ to try and boost their profile.

Another big name is Sam Pepper, more specifically for his fake pranks. The British YouTuber confessed to staging his pranks in a video earlier this year, which happened a few days after he seemingly ‘quit YouTube‘.

Many YouTube fans felt that the confession was forced out of him when he was backed into the corner by rape allegations after a bunch pinch prank seemed to show Sam sexually assaulting strangers.

At the time Sam said: “Just because of a stupid video I made, people have come out and said complete bullsh*t about me. Of course I’m not a rapist. I wouldn’t be here today if I was.””

Despite the confession, Sam Pepper continues to make regular content for his channel, with divided likes and dislikes on each video. He even recently uploaded a video addressing his thoughts on fake pranks.

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