ArsenalFanTV Interview: Host Robbie talks YouTube Success

Robbie said: “[The team] is me presenting and coming up with ideas, Tao filming and editing and my wife who organises everything. A lot of work goes into making this channel. Our match days are very  long. We will be at the ground a few hours before kick off filming and afterwards we record the match reactions. We upload our content to YouTube on the road using some of our own innovations.”.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”If a game kicks off at 3pm we won’t be finished and home until at least midnight”[/pullquote]

“The growth of the channel has been phenomenal. When we first started, we were told that we wouldn’t get more than 10,000 subscribers by someone at YouTube as there ‘wasn’t a demand’ for it. We soon proved them wrong!”

Running a channel of ArsenalFanTV’s size is far from easy, Robbie admitted, considering the work involves a ‘significant amount of travel’.


Classic meltdowns in the ArsenalFanTV archives

Looking ahead, Robbie explained that there’s plans to bring some fresh faces to ArsenalFanTV further down the line, saying: “[I’m aiming] for lots more quality content. We also want to recruit some new young talent onto the channel. We want to keep evolving and keep bringing the best and most unique content on YouTube”.

“I feel we have started something new and fresh on YouTube and it will only grow bigger. We are closing in on 200,000 subscribers, which is incredible when you consider we are watched by fans of other clubs who don’t subscribe due to football tribalism”.

“I tend to judge a channel on views and we’ve hit 79 million hits in three years”.

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