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Quiz: Who is your YouTuber Valentine’s Day date?

Who is your YouTuber Valentine? Find out who you should be paired with by taking our 2016 YouTube Valentine’s Day quiz.

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YouTube Red 1

YouTube Red originals now available

The first YouTube Red original shows are now available to subscribers, with exclusive content including Scare PewDiePie and Lazer Team.

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Joe Penna 3

Interview: Joe Penna – MysteryGuitarMan

Joe Penna, also known as MysteryGuitarMan on YouTube, shares his thoughts on 360-degree VR technology and how he thinks it will develop over time.

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First YouTube Red originals arrive 10th February

YouTube Red Original shows – A Trip to Unicorn Island, Dance Cam, Lazer Team and Scare PewDiePie will be available from 10th February.

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fine bros 1

Fine Bros cancel React trademark plans

The Fine Bros have cancelled their React World trademark application, after announcing the plans last week resulted in a massive Internet backlash.

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Jim Chapman 1

YouTubers star in Jim Chapman documentary

Some of the world’s biggest YouTubers starred in a BBC documentary, Rise of the Superstar Vloggers, presented by Jim Chapman.

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