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Comment: YouTube needs to address its copyright issues

YouTube has upset YouTubers with unjustified copyright strikes that have restricted access to various features. More here.

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fine bros 1

Reaction: Fine Bros controversial React World licence

The Fine Bros have outraged the YouTube community by announcing plans for a React World licence, which could restrict other video-makers.

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360 game 1

MysteryGuitarMan releases interactive 360-degree game

MysteryGuitarMan has released an interactive 360-degree game that challenges viewers to follow one of three balls as they fly past the camera.

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Adele Hello

Adele’s ‘Hello’ reaches 1 billion views in record time

Adele’s hit song Hello has become the fastest video to reach 1 billion views. The British singer’s music video achieved the feat after just 87 days. Read more.

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Buckingham Palace 1

YouTube releases 360 degree tour of Buckingham Palace

History fans can experience a unique 360-degree tour of England’s Buckingham Palace, thanks to a new YouTube experience made available by Google.

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PewDiePie launches Revelmode YouTube network

PewDiePie has launched his own YouTube network, Revelmode, which will support creators. Entertainers including Emma Blackery and Markiplier are involved.

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