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Journalist. Former Winchester Student. Chelsea fan. @WINOL Alumnus. Co-editor, @TubeChum.

YouTube Christmas List 2015

Christmas is on the way, so join Tube Chum as we take a look at some YouTube-related goodies to ask Santa for this year.

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My First Video – Zoella, Tobuscus and KSI

What was the first video uploaded by Zoella, Tobuscus and KSI? Tube Chum shares the debut uploads from their YouTube channels, before they were famous.

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YouTube Space opens in Mumbai, India

Mumbai’s YouTube Space is officially open after a performance from YouTube’s very own Aakash Ghandi. Find out more about the spanking new facility here.

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YouTube to secure deal for original shows and movies

YouTube is planning to release new TV shows and movies on its YouTube Red service by making deals with various Hollywood media groups. More here.

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Yogscast Livestream 2015 – Jingle Jam Schedule

Details for the Jingle Jam Yogscast Livestream have been announced for 2015, including a schedule for the first half of December.

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Interview: I Like To Make Stuff

I Like To Make Stuff maker and YouTuber Bob Clagett shares his thoughts on how YouTube can help creators grow their online brand.

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