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British YouTuber, journalist and Arsenal fan. Co-editor, @TubeChum. YouTube: TomSpeaksWords. (New video every Sunday)

Alfie Deyes finally shows off The Scrapbook of my Life

The Scrapbook of my Life will be the third book published by PointlessBlog, and the YouTuber has shedded some light on what readers can expect.

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Charlie McDonnell’s Fun Science book up for pre-order

British vlogger and long-time YouTuber Charlieissocoollike has revealed he is releasing an educational book based on his popular Fun Science web series.

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YouTube’s new Blur tool makes censoring easy

A Custom Blurring tool has been added to YouTube’s list of built-in features, meaning creators can hide objects or people in their uploads.

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YouTube’s Dan and Phil announce US tour

British vloggers Dan Howell and Phil Lester have revealed plans to travel across America starting from April, as part of The Amazing Tour is Not On Fire.

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Laci Green reacts to Sam Pepper’s ‘apology’ video

YouTuber and Sex+ host Laci Green has posted a series of passionate tweets discussing Sam Pepper‘s latest video, shocked that people are defending the Brit.

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Image: FastCompany

iJustine releases her first 360-degree YouTube video

YouTube has been transformed by 360-degree video content and iJustine has become the latest big-name entertainer to embrace the format. More here.

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