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Sam Pepper says ‘sorry’ in revealing video

Infamous UK YouTuber Sam Pepper has uploaded a video to his channel today addressing backlash against his uploads and rape allegations from last year.

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YouTube app on iPad Pro supports native resolution

A recent update to the official YouTube app for the iPad Pro brings improved video quality to the tablet, improving the user experience greatly.

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Justin Bieber’s YouTube criticised more than any other

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, a Google spokesperson has revealed that users flag videos by Justin Bieber as “inappropriate” more than any other clip.

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It’s now possible to donate to charity through YouTube

YouTube for Nonprofits has announced that creators can now attach donation tools to videos, selecting which charity they’d like their viewers to help.

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YouTube working on live 360-degree broadcasts

YouTube’s creators are planning on bringing live 360-degree video to the website, which could open up a whole new world of entertainment opportunities.

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Ricky Dillon and Trevor Moran announce ALIVE/GOLD tour

Dillon and Moran’s ALIVE/GOLD tour reunites the former members of YouTube super-group Our2ndLife, with the action kicking off in February.

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