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British YouTuber, journalist and Arsenal fan. Co-editor, @TubeChum. YouTube: TomSpeaksWords. (New video every Sunday)
Really 3D

Deep Into YouTube – Really3D

Really3D is an animated content channel that boasts the ‘best 3D animations in the world’. Is this a reliable description? No. Here’s why.

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Markiplier 800,000

Markiplier Celebrates 800k Subscribers in Wacky ‘Special’

Markiplier thanked his audience for helping him to achieve over 800,000 subscribers, producing a wacky flashback video referencing his past content.

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Response Thumbnail

YouTube to Remove Video Responses

In an announcement this week, YouTube has reported that it will be completely removing the ‘video response’ feature from the video-sharing site.

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Tour Thumbnail

Sam Pepper and Mazzi Maz Set for YouTube Tour

British YouTuber and prankster Sam Pepper is teaming up with Mazzi Maz in a ‘World Tour’ experience that will offer musical performances.

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Machinima Insomnia

Machinima UK Heads to Insomnia

Today marks the start of the 2013 Multiplay Insomnia Gaming Festival and among the attendees are the UK’s very own Machinima team.

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Android Update Image

YouTube on Android Receives Biggest Update Yet

The latest update for the YouTube Android app has been released, offering a wealth of new features designed to improve performance and navigation.

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