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British YouTuber, journalist and Arsenal fan. Co-editor, @TubeChum. YouTube: TomSpeaksWords.

Cut! 5 of the most controversial YouTube pranks

YouTube is bursting with prank videos, but some tricks haven’t gone down so well. Read on as we take a look at some of YouTube’s most controversial pranks.

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Zoella Quiz: What do you know about Zoe Sugg on YouTube?

Are you a loud and proud Zoella fan? Put your British YouTuber knowledge to the test with Tube Chum’s quiz on the lovely Zoe Sugg. Get clickin’!

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‘301+ views’ YouTube message gone, Internet cheers

YouTube will now count video views in real-time, which means the ‘301+ views’ message is a thing of the past. Read on for the details.

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Super Black: The Game starring KSI funded on Steam

A fan-made PC game starring KSI has been greenlit by the Steam community, also featuring the YouTuber’s younger Brother, Deji. Check out the gameplay here.

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Poppy Deyes launches mysterious website, confuses Twitter

The Sister of popular British vlogger Alfie, Poppy Deyes, has launched her own website. Find out more about the intriguing news here.

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YouTube FanFest 2015 in Australia: What, when, who?

Australia’s FanFest 2015 YouTube event will see some of the video-sharing website’s biggest stars take to the stage. Find out more here!

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