2014’s New YouTube Layout: A Fan-made Alternative


Here on Tube Chum we’ve taken a look at the work of Behance designers once before. Our last upload on YouTube web design featured a creator named Aurélien Salomon, but today we’re talking to talented Czech designer Jaroslav Hach, from Prague.

Jaroslav very recently uploaded to Behance his interpretation of what he feels is a far superior layout to YouTube’s current offering. His refreshed layout adds a collection of new features including a home feed facelift and video hover controls.

Jaroslav told Tube Chum: “I created the YouTube concept within three days. From the beginning I wanted to create a brand new design, completely from scratch. I studied the current YouTube web design, then put together a couple of graphics, sketching the best one I had in detail”.


Jaroslav’s new and ‘improved’ YouTube results page.

The Behance design, which Jaroslav told us was made using Adobe Photoshop, fixes some of the ‘current issues’ with YouTube. Jaroslav explained: “I’m quite satisfied with YouTube [as it is], but on the other hand some parts really need changing. For example, playing videos, searching for content and the overview of personal statistics and analytics all need altering. As it stands, YouTube runs on quite an old style”.

My design for a new YouTube layout has proved popular online.

Not everything about the current YouTube layout has come under fire from Jaroslav, however, with the designer telling us that YouTube’s current colour scheme is ‘well chosen’.


Psy dances his way around the new YouTube layout.

“My aim for the project was to make something clear and simple. My design is well arranged and, in the opinion of myself and my friends, fits better towards the modern world of YouTube. It seems to me that my design would more attract young people to the site, too”.

This vision of a new YouTube layout makes the most of a grid-style similar to that of YouTube’s old subscription page. Video results are presented in rows and columns rather than on a single scrolling page. Notifications, running through Google Plus, are also presented in a more accessible form.

The video playback page itself boasts a far more minimalistic appearance than the current YouTube, making the most of dark colours and simple iconography.

Here at Tube Chum, we’re big fans of Jaroslav’s minimal approach.

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