Bling! 4 of the hottest cars owned by YouTubers

Over the years it’s become increasingly obvious that having the skills and professionalism needed to maintain a massively popular channel on YouTube has its perks.

Today, we’re offering a look into the world of fancy YouTuber cars. Read on as we take a look at just some of the hottest rides driven by YouTubers, including the stunning Bentley Continental GT belonging to gaming star CaptainSparklez.


Model: Bentley Continental GT

Approximate price: £120,000 – £160,000

Above: Jordan’s ‘bae’.

Minecraft gamer CaptainSparklez has treated himself to the stunning Bentley Continental GT, which has a value well over £120,000 and has been customised by the famous West Coast Customs garage.

Speaking to his subscribers as he picked up his set of wheels, CaptainSparklez (real name Jordan Maron) said: “I have always been reluctant to share my cars. In fact, I haven’t done it at all. There’s a little bit of a stigma against purchasing a nice car because, admittedly, it’s not really a practical purchase”.

Showing off the fancy motor, Jordan said: “It looks amazing. I’m stoked. It turned out so well. I’d always planned on going and getting it wrapped”.

The car features a matte, metallic grey wrap with a black trim on the inside.


Model: Range Rover Evoque

Approximate price: £30,000 – £50,000

We’re digging the custom wrap on Calfreezy’s Evoque

FIFA YouTuber Calfreezy has shown his subscribers his Range Rover Evoque, which originally belonged to fellow online entertainer Wroetoshaw.

Speaking about his purchase, Cal said: “[Me and Harry] came to an agreement and the agreement was I had to get the colour of the car changed from that horrendous gold”.

The car was custom-wrapped by vehicle customisation company Yiannimize, which has proved popular in the past with a number of YouTubers. The company has offered its services to a number of YouTube’s Sidemen group members over the years and other celebrity customers include Arsenal star Jack Wilshere, John Terry and One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson.


Model: Lamborghini Aventador

Approximate price: £230,000 – £270,000

Meet KSI’s Tron-esque Lamborghini

Easily the most unique-looking car on our list, KSI’s Tron-themed Lamborghini certainly turns heads as it zooms through the UK.

KSI’s car is listed at a price of around £200,000, which also makes it the most valuable of the rides we’ve looked at.

The FIFA YouTuber’s vibrant choice inspired his hit song, Lamborghini, which features rapper P Money and has been viewed over 20 million times.

According to Sidemen fansite UltimateSidemen, JJ also owns a Porsche Cayenne. The precise model of the car is unknown, although the cheapest variant of the car costs upwards of £50,000.


Model: 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo 50th Anniversary

Approximate price: £100,000 – £130,000

Above: Harry introduces his viewers to his newest ride.

Wroetoshaw’s current ride is the gorgeous 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo 50th Anniversary, which the YouTuber showed off in a vlog back in August.

Speaking to his viewers, Harry said: “It’s pretty quick!”

“It has a 5.2 litre V10 engine and it’s actually boiling hot. I’ve already messed up the wheels, too. I’m not that good of a driver!”

Here at Tube Chum, we salute this talented group of content creators that have been able to treat themselves after years of entertaining the YouTube community.

Which car is your favourite? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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