Category: Channel Spotlight

Channel Spotlight provides smaller, up and coming YouTube channels with a chance to show what they’re made of, with Tube Chum Co-editor Daniel Mackrell taking a closer look at their finest releases.


GlamLifeGuru – Tube Chum’s Channel Spotlight

GlamLifeGuru YouTuber Tati Westbrook is one of the most viewed online beauty product reviewers, earning millions of views each month. Find out more here.

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LDShadowLady – Tube Chum’s Channel Spotlight

Tube Chum caught up with Minecraft gamer and bunny lover LDShadowLady to talk all things YouTube. Read our Channel Spotlight here!

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TheGamingLemon – Tube Chum’s Channel Spotlight

Tube Chum catches up with TheGamingLemon, one of YouTube’s most energetic gamers. Click here to read our chat with Brad.

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Jana Vlogs – Tube Chum’s Channel Spotlight

YouTube’s Jana Vlogs was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in London, England, aiming to make videos that brighten up your day. Find out more here.

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Hannah Witton – Tube Chum’s Channel Spotlight

Tube Chum speaks to Hannah Witton, YouTube’s relationship advice guru with a cheeky personality that keeps viewers coming back for more.

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Theodora Lee – Tube Chum’s Channel Spotlight

Vlogger and travel fanatic Theodora Lee is fast making a name for herself on YouTube and for good reason. Read on for today’s Channel Spotlight.

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