Category: Channel Spotlight

Channel Spotlight provides smaller, up and coming YouTube channels with a chance to show what they’re made of, with Tube Chum Co-editor Daniel Mackrell taking a closer look at their finest releases.

football spotlight 6

Channel Spotlight: 25/02/2014

This week on Channel Spotlight, we’re treating you to a football special! We’ll be taking a look at three football-based YouTube channels.

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Channel Spotlight 18022014

Channel Spotlight: 18/02/2014

This week on Channel Spotlight we look at 3 gaming YouTube Channels: Biffa2001, Only1Gam3r and TheyCallMeKuda5

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Channel Spotlight test

Channel Spotlight: 11/02/2014

This week on Channel Spotlight we look at a FIFA gamer & a Brony. The channels we are looking at this week are AnEsonGib, KOSDFF tK and LittleshyFiM.

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Channel Spotlight: 04/02/2014

This week on Channel Spotlight we look at Minecraft YouTube channels. The channels are YoMammasMinecraft, SirShmoopies and Dr.MoonPig.

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Channel Spotlight: 30/01/2014

This week’s Channel Spotlight takes a look at OpTic Gaming member – MBoZe, singer Sharm (taintedlore) and Minecraft gamer AdjustBee.

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Channel Spotlight: 22/01/2014

This week on Channel Spotlight we look at a Minecraft gamer, daily vlogger and singer. The channels featured are WorldofGamingTV1, Yoanty and Mae Muldez.

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