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The Tube Chum team discuss their personal views and opinions related to the world of YouTube. Is something online annoying our Co-editors? If so, you’ll probably read about it here.


Comment: YouTube support isn’t good enough

After recently having to contact YouTube for some help regarding my channel, it became clear that big improvements need to be made to the service.

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Comment: YouTube needs to address its copyright issues

YouTube has upset YouTubers with unjustified copyright strikes that have restricted access to various features. More here.

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Comment: Sam Pepper’s latest prank isn’t a prank

Controversial British YouTuber Sam Pepper has released his latest prank video, and it’s been met by an onslaught of negative feedback. Tom’s thoughts here.

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Comment: YouTube’s Adrian Gee is an embarrassment

Today Tonight researchers claim Adrian Gee’s Blind Man Honesty Test video is fake and stars paid actors. If this is true, it’s disgusting.

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Comment: YouTube lighting will transform your vlogs

Tube Chum explores the advantages of buying affordable lighting equipment for making YouTube videos, which will take your content to the next level.

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Comment: Google+ and YouTube were a terrible couple

Following news that Google+ will be distancing itself from YouTube, Tube Chum’s Tom Morgan explains why the move is such a welcome surprise.

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