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The Tube Chum team discuss their personal views and opinions related to the world of YouTube. Is something online annoying our Co-editors? If so, you’ll probably read about it here.


5 New Features YouTube Needs to Add ASAP

Tube Chum’s Co-editor takes a look at YouTube in 2015 and shares his thoughts on which new features need adding to the site. Click here for the full list.

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Comment: Magic Actions is the perfect YouTube companion

YouTube Chrome extension Magic Actions takes your video browsing experience to ‘the next level’. Tom tells us why it’s a must-have for YouTube fans.

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Comment: Snapchat is perfect for YouTubers

Snapchat for Android and iOS offers a great platform for YouTubers to interact with fans and subscribers, so why don’t more online stars use it?

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Comment: The power of YouTube’s beauty industry

Fashion and beauty content on YouTube continues to rise in popularity, but why is this the case? Tube Chum’s jess lends her thoughts.

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Comment: The Rhodes Bros coming out on YouTube

Talented online twins, The Rhodes Bros, recently came out to their father on YouTube. Tracy shares her thoughts on the video ‘bursting with emotion’.

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Comment: YouTube hasn’t forgiven Alex Day

YouTube’s Alex Day (Nerimon) continues to upload videos to his channel despite allegations of being ‘manipulative’ in relationships. Should he leave?

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