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The Tube Chum team discuss their personal views and opinions related to the world of YouTube. Is something online annoying our Co-editors? If so, you’ll probably read about it here.


Comment: YouTube GIFs and offline viewing, hoorah!

In rather exciting news, plans to bring GIF support to YouTube are apparently in the pipeline, which is perfect for us YouTube fans. Tracy tells us why.

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Comment: YouTube vs Vessel – The Bidding War

YouTube may be the world’s favourite video-sharing website, but that might not always be the case if the folk behind Facebook and Vessel have their say.

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5 Reasons why Gangnam Style is YouTube’s Favourite Video

Psy’s Gangnam Style music video boasts over 2 billion YouTube views, but why? Read on as we reveal the reasons for the tune’s success.

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Hatred Game – YouTube Responds

Controversial PC game Hatred by Destructive Creations is due for release next year, but how has YouTube reacted to the ‘sickening’ trailer?

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Sponsored videos on YouTube: Yay or nay?

In a sponsored video, YouTubers talk about or feature products he or she get paid to mention, but how does this impact audiences? Jessica explains.

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YouTube - Flickr user - Esther Vargas

YouTube: Job or Hobby?

Should creating YouTube videos ever be considered a full time job, or will it always just be a stepping stone to other things? Tube Chum delves deeper.

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