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The Tube Chum team discuss their personal views and opinions related to the world of YouTube. Is something online annoying our Co-editors? If so, you’ll probably read about it here.


Comment: The Independent is wrong about Zoella

The Independent recently published an article criticising YouTube beauty guru Zoella. They were wrong to do so and here’s why.

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Comment: Sam Pepper shouldn’t be playing Minecraft

Sam Pepper, the controversial British YouTuber, has begun uploading to his gaming channel once more. Here’s why he shouldn’t be.

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Comment: Should YouTube disable comments?

Are comments still the way to go? Tube Chum takes a closer look after Swedish gamer PewDiePie blocks comments on his channel.

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Comment: Age ratings on YouTube won’t work takes a closer look at why the proposed age ratings for music videos on YouTube, announced by Prime minister David Cameron, won’t work.

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What Happened to Machinima on YouTube?

Machinima Respawn used to be booming, with the Respawn team producing content on a regular basis that was genuinely worth tuning in for. What happened?

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YouTube’s 10 Biggest Problems

YouTube isn’t perfect and there’s a couple of reasons why not everybody’s a happy user. Here’s a collection of YouTube’s biggest problems.

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