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The Tube Chum team discuss their personal views and opinions related to the world of YouTube. Is something online annoying our Co-editors? If so, you’ll probably read about it here.


Comment: YouTube Layout Changes are Brilliant

YouTube layout changes have proved controversial in the past, but take a step back and you’ll see just how brilliant they are. Here’s why they’re needed.

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Comment: YouTube vloggers shouldn’t be gamers

Here at Tube Chum, we really don’t like it when YouTube vloggers suddenly decide that they’re going to launch their own gaming channels. Here’s why.

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Comment: Leave PewDiePie Alone

In a recent YouTube upload, PewDiePie said something that really annoyed me. Here’s what he said and why it’s such a big deal.

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Comment: Coming out on YouTube – Just a trend?

One of the big stories over the last few weeks as far as Britain is concerned  was the YouTube video in which Olympic diver Tom Daley announced that he is in a relationship with another…

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