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How to make money on YouTube

Make money on YouTube and join the growing number of people using the video-sharing website to create a sustainable income. Here are some handy tips to try. Many people still consider YouTube a hobby and a way to…

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Are fake pranks and publicity stunts taking over YouTube?

YouTube has become a pretty messy place, with many YouTubers blurring the line between reality and fiction.

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8 Dan and Phil facts that may surprise you

British YouTube megastars Dan Howell and Phil Lester have had a wild time online. Here’s 8 facts about the comedy pair that may raise some eyebrows.

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Comment: YouTube support isn’t good enough

After recently having to contact YouTube for some help regarding my channel, it became clear that big improvements need to be made to the service.

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Pet is a YouTube-based lucky dip

A website named PetitTube has been dubbed ‘YouTube’s own Russian Roulette’, automatically playing random videos on the website that have no views.

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7 useful skills you can learn on YouTube

Want to learn something new? Take a look at 7 useful skills that you can learn by watching tutorials on YouTube, including juggling, drawing and dancing.

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