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Tube Chum’s features section continues to focus on variety, offering a host of regular, eye-catching pieces such as Deep Into YouTube, YouTube Time Machine, Where To Start With and Who Is?

Preview: Playlist Live 2016

Find out what you can expect from Playlist Live 2016 in Orlanda, FL and Washington D.C. including which YouTubers will be at the YouTube event.

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Comment: YouTube needs to address its copyright issues

YouTube has upset YouTubers with unjustified copyright strikes that have restricted access to various features. More here.

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Reaction: Fine Bros controversial React World licence

The Fine Bros have outraged the YouTube community by announcing plans for a React World licence, which could restrict other video-makers.

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The Scrapbook of My Life by Alfie Deyes – What is it?

Alfie Deyes‘ upcoming book, The Scrapbook of My Life, will be the third page-turner released by the YouTube star. Find out more about the book right here.

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6 annoying things that YouTubers do

Reddit’s /r/YouTube community has put together a list of things that irritate them about modern-day YouTubers. Take a look at the list and have a chuckle.

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YouTube Christmas List 2015

Christmas is on the way, so join Tube Chum as we take a look at some YouTube-related goodies to ask Santa for this year.

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