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Tube Chum’s features section continues to focus on variety, offering a host of regular, eye-catching pieces such as Deep Into YouTube, YouTube Time Machine, Where To Start With and Who Is?


Top 5: Creepy YouTube videos that’ll probably terrify you

Feeling brave, are you? Join Tube Chum as we take a look at five of the creepiest YouTube videos ever uploaded to the video-sharing website.

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Fame XV: Web-based, user-generated, social TV

Free online service Fame XV aims to help YouTubers distribute their videos and build their channels further. Find out more about the ‘Social TV’ tool here.

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YouTube’s new desktop video player – A detailed look

Tube Chum offers a closer look at YouTube’s new desktop video player, with changes including a transparent control bar and larger icons. More here.

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5 reasons not to join an MCN on YouTube

Tube Chum shares 5 reasons why you shouldn’t join an MCN on the video-sharing website and how you could be benefit from working alone instead.

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Cringe! 5 truly embarrassing YouTube music videos

YouTube is home to a world of musical talent but there’s plenty of bum notes too. Read on for our list of 5 truly embarrassing YouTube music videos.

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This Book Loves You by PewDiePie – Silly, but different

Swedish YouTube giant PewDiePie will soon be releasing This Book Loves You, a self-help book offering ridiculous life advice to fans.

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