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Tube Chum boasts a fascinating back catalogue of interviews with some of YouTube’s biggest stars, including CutiePieMarzia, Alfie Deyes, Alex Perrault, Nadine Sykora, Tay Zonday and Jonathan Paula.


An Interview with IncredibleOrb: From CoD to Vlog speaks to Call of Duty veteran and vlogger Joel, otherwise known as IncredibleOrb. Read about Joel’s rise to YouTube stardom here.

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Interview: Alex Perrault – MusclesGlasses

Many will know him for his bulging muscles, heavy drinking, big sunglasses and of course, his never-ending appetite. During the height of Epic Meal Time’s YouTube popularity, when it was one of the most watched series’…

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Interview: Dude! Where’s My Challenge?

Challenge videos are one of the long-surviving hallmarks of YouTube. What’s more fun than watching someone cough up Cinnamon, or empty there stomach after chugging a gallon of milk? Nothing, and that’s why stupid challenges…

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Elliott interview image

An Interview with Jimmy Elliott – Holding of Wrist

YouTube isn’t just used to watch cats and enjoy fail videos, it can also serve as a platform to help people build confidence and develop projects outside of the website itself. Recently I had the chance to speak…

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StepUp – A new way to watch YouTube videos

Tube Chum interviews the founder of StepUp, a new service that’ll allow you to watch YouTube videos in bite-sized chunks

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Interview: Ampisound – Parkour

Tube Chum speaks to Scott from parkour group Ampisound about his video exploits and what’s next for the team’s channel.

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