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Tube Chum boasts a fascinating back catalogue of interviews with some of YouTube’s biggest stars, including CutiePieMarzia, Alfie Deyes, Alex Perrault, Nadine Sykora, Tay Zonday and Jonathan Paula.

gunnarolla interview image 2

Interview: Gunnarolla

Andrew Gunadie (known as Gunnarolla on YouTube) is a popular musician and video producer and won the 2013 Digi Award for Online Personality of the Year. The Canadian has established himself as a top name on…

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Musical Madness: An Interview with Kunt and the Gang

Today on Tube Chum we speak to the owner of one of YouTube’s most controversial music channels. Click here to read the full interview.

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brizzy pokemon

Tube Chum Presents: An Interview with BrizzyVoices

Impressionists have always been around to entertain and amaze, I’m always amazed anyway as every time I try and do any impression I always end up sounding like I’m from Yorkshire. Today’s interviewee BrizzyVoices doesn’t…

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Tay Zonday

Tube Chum Presents: An Interview with Tay Zonday

This week on Tube Chum, Daniel speaks to YouTube’s Tay Zonday about his thoughts on YouTube and the song that made him a viral sensation. Only a select few people have experienced a sudden shot…

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Tube Chum Presents: An Interview with CutiePieMarzia

Click here to read our full interview with CutiePieMarzia. Marzia is one of YouTube’s biggest beauty guru’s and the girlfriend of Swedish gamer, PewDiePie.

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Interview: YoMamasMinecraft – Minecraft Song Parodies

Minecraft is hugely popular on YouTube, and the sandbox game provides such a wide range of possibilities for videos that people can create. The worldwide phenomenon has helped establish some of the biggest channels on…

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