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Tube Chum boasts a fascinating back catalogue of interviews with some of YouTube’s biggest stars, including CutiePieMarzia, Alfie Deyes, Alex Perrault, Nadine Sykora, Tay Zonday and Jonathan Paula.


Interview: Chris Thompson – Supricky06

An Interview with Chris Thompson AKA supricky06 about his music and his thoughts on YouTube being a platform for musicians.

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Pitch Perfect: An Interview With CallieMooreMusic

Tube Chum chats with CallieMooreMusic about her musical history, her time managing her YouTube channel and her relationship with The Shaytards.

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Interview – Fee Lix, Creator of Shrek: The Final Layer

Click here to read our interview with Fee Lix, the creator of the oddly popular and equally terrifying Shrek: The Final Layer.

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Interview: Tyler Lemco – EpicMealTime

Food channels are continuing to grow in popularity on YouTube. Whether it’s eating challenges, recipes or reviews, they all seem to be gaining a lot of views and subscribers. I was fortunate enough to speak…

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Interview: Nigma

DOTA 2 is undeniably one of the biggest multiplayer games of the moment. Hitting a frankly ridiculous total of over seven million unique players this past month there is a huge following for the Valve backed sequel to an old Warcraft 3 mod and that following extends to YouTube.

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Interview: InterCity82

YouTube is a community which covers a wide range of interests and appeals to a wide range of people. It’s more than just vlogs and Let’s Plays. This week I spoke to InterCity82, who runs…

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