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Marina Joyce

Marina Joyce opens up in Philip DeFranco interview

Marina Joyce has opened up to fellow YouTuber Philip DeFranco after attracting attention from concerned fans over marks seen on her body.

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8 Dan and Phil facts that may surprise you

British YouTube megastars Dan Howell and Phil Lester have had a wild time online. Here’s 8 facts about the comedy pair that may raise some eyebrows.

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Comment: YouTube support isn’t good enough

After recently having to contact YouTube for some help regarding my channel, it became clear that big improvements need to be made to the service.

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Joe Sugg’s Username: Evie shortlisted for book award

Username: Evie by British YouTuber Joe Sugg has been shortlisted as part of the British Book Industry Awards’ Book of the Year. More here.

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skills 1

7 useful skills you can learn on YouTube

Want to learn something new? Take a look at 7 useful skills that you can learn by watching tutorials on YouTube, including juggling, drawing and dancing.

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playlist - Clintus - Flickr

Preview: Playlist Live 2016

Find out what you can expect from Playlist Live 2016 in Orlanda, FL and Washington D.C. including which YouTubers will be at the YouTube event.

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