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Clown videos top YouTube search trends this Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, Google has revealed that the recent obssession with scary clowns has seen clown videos shoot to the top of YouTube search this month.

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YouTube launches mobile friendly ‘end screen’ feature

YouTube has today announced a new tool that lets you create a mobile friendly interactive end screen for your videos.

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YouTube Heroes launched for community content monitoring

YouTube has announced the launch of ‘YouTube Heroes’ which is looking to attract volunteer contributors to help monitor content.

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Lilly Singh

Teen Choice Awards 2016 – YouTube’s winners

This year’s Teen Choice Awards saw plenty of big names walk down the red carpet to collect prizes, and as usual, a number of YouTubers were among them.

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John Cleese

John Cleese starts his own YouTube channel

John Cleese has launched his own YouTube channel, and has started it off by celebrating his long career. Take a look here.

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Marina Joyce

Marina Joyce opens up in Philip DeFranco interview

Marina Joyce has opened up to fellow YouTuber Philip DeFranco after attracting attention from concerned fans over marks seen on her body.

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