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Jim Chapman 1

YouTubers star in Jim Chapman documentary

Some of the world’s biggest YouTubers starred in a BBC documentary, Rise of the Superstar Vloggers, presented by Jim Chapman.

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360 game 1

MysteryGuitarMan releases interactive 360-degree game

MysteryGuitarMan has released an interactive 360-degree game that challenges viewers to follow one of three balls as they fly past the camera.

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Ricky Dillon and Trevor Moran announce ALIVE/GOLD tour

Dillon and Moran’s ALIVE/GOLD tour reunites the former members of YouTube super-group Our2ndLife, with the action kicking off in February.

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Adele Hello

Adele’s ‘Hello’ reaches 1 billion views in record time

Adele’s hit song Hello has become the fastest video to reach 1 billion views. The British singer’s music video achieved the feat after just 87 days. Read more.

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Buckingham Palace 1

YouTube releases 360 degree tour of Buckingham Palace

History fans can experience a unique 360-degree tour of England’s Buckingham Palace, thanks to a new YouTube experience made available by Google.

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KSI Unleashed beta out now, sign up and play

KSI‘s upcoming mobile game, KSI Unleashed, is now in open beta, meaning you can sign up and test out the app today. Find out more here.

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