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Got a couple of minutes to spare? If you’re feeling bored at work or at home then Tube Chum has the answer – YouTube quizzes!


Quiz: Who is your YouTuber Valentine’s Day date?

Who is your YouTuber Valentine? Find out who you should be paired with by taking our 2016 YouTube Valentine’s Day quiz.

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Sidemen Quiz: Are you a top YouTube fan?

Think you’re a Sidemen expert? Test your knowledge with our quiz on Behzinga, WroeToShaw, KSI, Zerkaa, Miniminter, Tbjzl and Vikkstar123.

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Quiz: The Richest YouTubers in the World

Can you name the richest YouTubers in the world in Tube Chum’s latest quiz? Test your YouTube knowledge and see if you can get top marks.

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Quiz: Can you name these classic YouTube videos?

Tube Chum takes a look back at some of YouTube’s classic uploads. Test yourself in our quiz and see if you can name these online video gems.

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Zoella Quiz: What do you know about Zoe Sugg on YouTube?

Are you a loud and proud Zoella fan? Put your British YouTuber knowledge to the test with Tube Chum’s quiz on the lovely Zoe Sugg. Get clickin’!

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PewDiePie Quiz: How much do you know about Felix Kjellberg?

Are you PewDiePie‘s biggest fan? Test your knowledge of YouTube’s most popular gamer with Tube Chum’s super duper PewDiePie quiz!

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