Clown videos top YouTube search trends this Halloween


With Halloween just around the corner, Google has revealed that the recent obsession with scary clowns has seen clown videos shoot to the top of YouTube search this month.

Data released by YouTube shows that clown sighting videos were attracting close to 70 million views this month.


However, despite the high interest, clowns were not the most searched costume, in fact they were only 6th.

Interestingly, the stick figure has been the most searched costume this year, despite first reaching popularity back in 2013.

Quite predictably, Harley Quinn is the second most searched costume. The Suicide Squad star is predicted to be one of the most popular characters this Halloween and Harley Quinn makeup videos have appeared at every corner of the internet.

Another Hollywood film that has sparked increased interest is Deadpool, with deadpool costume videos becoming the 8th most searched.

Another unsurprising costume is the T-Rex which has had a lot of viral success recently. It was the most searched costume last year, but has continued to stay relevant thanks to more viral videos including ultimate T-Rex workout and T-Rex hotel madness.


Image credit: Dan Bergstrom

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