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Deji is a British YouTuber based in London and is the brother of fellow YouTube star, KSIOlajidebt.

His channel features a variety of sketches, pranks and gaming videos, with regular appearances from his parents and his Brother. Deji’s videos with his dad often feature the pair competing in challenges against each other or reacting to viral videos.

Deji uploads regularly to his YouTube channel, averaging around 3-4 videos per week, with each upload gaining over 1 million views.

During 2014, Deji completed a number of challenges on his channel, with many causing him physical pain and discomfort. Challenges that the entertainer has performed in the past include eating a week-old McDonalds meal, completing the Salt and Ice Challenge and eating a scorpion.

Many of Deji’s gaming videos are related to FIFA and show him either playing the game or opening packs for his Ultimate Team. ComedyShortsGamer on YouTube also plays ‘rage games’ such as Flappy Bird and CatMario, as well as Tekken, which is one of his favourite games.

Deji boasts his own clothing line called ‘Tank’, which produces beanies and snapbacks that are sold via his website.


Popular Uploads (As of December 2014)

1) Pranking My Mum

2) Pranking My Dad

3) Try Not To laugh Challenge With my Girlfriend


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Here at Tube Chum, we suggest you take a look at Would You Rather With My Bro, which consists pretty much of what you’d expect it to. Both Deji and his Brother KSI ask each other ‘would you rather?’ questions and it all gets a bit ridiculous.

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