Comment: Sam Pepper’s latest prank isn’t a prank


Sam Pepper‘s latest YouTube video, ‘KILLING BEST FRIEND PRANK’, begins with this introduction: “Today, I’m filming a crazy prank. Coby is in on the prank and Sam is getting pranked. Let’s see how he reacts to his best friend of five years being killed in front of him”.

In my opinion, this is disgusting. This isn’t a ‘prank’. As I write this article, Sam Pepper’s latest video has been on YouTube for a couple of hours. In that time, the video has received almost 3,000 dislikes, and every time I refresh the clip, the number rises. In other words, lots of people don’t like Sam Pepper’s fake murder video.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]This is disgusting. This isn’t a prank.[/pullquote]

The ‘KILLING BEST FRIEND PRANK’ is ‘entertaining’ in the fact that I actually watched all of it, yes, but it’s not funny, it’s not clever and it certainly shouldn’t be labelled as what it has been by some – A harmless, silly trick. When I think of a great YouTube prank, I don’t imagine a person pretending to kill somebody in front of their mate. But hey, that’s just me.

As they say, ‘any publicity is good publicity’. In this sense, Sam Pepper’s latest video has been a success. It’s the sort of YouTube video that gets chatted about and causes debate, ultimately getting shared around the world.

Here’s Sam Pepper’s ‘Best Friend Murder Prank‘.

Most of Sam Pepper’s videos have had their share of dislikes ever since the controversy of last year. Towards the end of 2014, Sam Pepper’s ‘bum pinch prank’ video was slammed for ‘encouraging inappropriate behaviour’.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]This video is genuinely disturbing. Was that Sam Pepper’s aim?[/pullquote]

Despite a number of media outlets claiming the YouTuber was in trouble with the law, Sam Pepper tweeted out a legal document stating that he had not been contacted by law enforcement. Even so, the incident lost Sam Pepper many subscribers.

Putting Sam’s infamous online past behind him, we’re looking at yet another video from the British YouTuber that many people will agree goes ‘too far’. If you watch the entire video, you’ll see that it’s genuinely disturbing and dark in nature. Pepper has ensured a camera is completely focused on his friend’s face as he sobs uncontrollably whilst tied to a chair.


Screenshot: A cheerful outro after the whole pretending-to-kill-people stuff is done.

Sam Pepper’s latest prank isn’t a prank at all. Instead, it’s a dark, twisted show that’ll piss off a whole lot of people. But maybe that’s what Sam Pepper wants.

Update, 30/11/15 – Sam and Colby tweet out a message about the reaction to the video. K.

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