Comment: YouTube needs to address its copyright issues

Fortunately, the issue surrounding Channel Awesome was resolved within 24 hours of the video in question going public. Channel Awesome then released a follow-up video thanking fans for their support. Doug said: “YouTube has given us no answer why this happened and why does it take people going public to get this stuff fixed?”

Sadly, this is only one recent case of this type of incident occurring. Another YouTuber, Chibi Reviews, has had his monetisation halted and can no longer add custom thumbnails to his videos. At the time of writing, this issue has not been resolved.

In an emotional video asking for support from his viewers, Chibi said: “All my videos I upload are just me in front of a camera.”

Chibi has since uploaded an update video and is now hopeful that the issue will be resolved soon.

Reddit user accelangel4 commented: “Obviously whatever automated system they have is failing hard. The number of YouTubers making videos about this in the past week should have already been more than enough to grab YouTube’s attention.”

YouTuber Chibi sends an emotional plea to his subscribers.

Another YouTuber who has seen his monetisation struck is AternateHistoryHub, who has over 500,000 subscribers. Also, Eli the Computer Guy recently received a community guidelines strike and initially had his appeal rejected, however both channels have now had their problem resolved.

The list appears to go on and on, particularly over the last few weeks as more and more YouTubers become vocal about their channels being restricted. It’s clear why these measures are in place as the intention is to protect creators and their content, but clearly something has gone terribly wrong.

Users seeking guidance regarding YouTube copyright support can go to Copyright on YouTube.

Have you faced problems with YouTube’s copyright system? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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