Comment: YouTube support isn’t good enough

Just looking at this picture makes me furious

After scowering through forum threads on what the best way to contact YouTube was, I ended up emailing [email protected] Minutes later, I got a response saying that this email I’d attempted to contact didn’t even exist anymore. Alright then.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]A YouTuber must have 100+ to claim a custom URL. Absolutely ridiculous.[/pullquote]

This wasn’t great timing, considering I was already in a bad mood from the overly-complicated process of actually making a new YouTube channel name and email. On the subject of Channel names, did you know a YouTuber must now have over 100 subscribers before they can claim a custom URL? That means that as you’re building a channel, you’re left with a URL similar to over your first couple of weeks. For somebody trying to build a brand and online identity, that is absolutely ridiculous.

I headed over to Google’s own support page and filled out the online form. Since then, I’ve been waiting patiently for 3 days, without any signs that my issue is being dealt with.

The moral of the story? Significant improvements need to be made to YouTube’s support network. This is the biggest video-sharing website on the planet, so the support features for folk having problems should be one of the best of any website, anywhere.

Hopefully I get my YouTube channel back, because it was clearly removed when it shouldn’t have been. Even if my calls to Google are answered, though, my point still stands. YouTube support isn’t good enough.

Do you think more needs to be done to make YouTube’s help system more effective? Have you had troubles dealing with channel problems in the past? Let us know your thoughts on the topic by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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