Comment: YouTube vs Vessel – The Bidding War

You may have seen some of Hulu’s videos on YouTube already. Clearly, as attack is the best form of defence, Google is already securing the loyalty of its top creators with cold, hard cash, if all the breaking reports are correct.

Vessel hasn’t launched yet so it’s quite exciting to watch the battle unfold between the two platforms. I think it would be controversial move if YouTube creators were to bought out and left the established community. I guess we’ll see just how loyal YouTube fans really are in the event of their favourite video-makers heading to Vessel.

YouTube’s biggest competitor for the future is Vessel, created by Hulu’s former CEO Jason Kilar.

Financially, Google’s the king, even with Vessel’s rumoured budget standing at around $75 million to spend on coaxing YouTube stars.


The YouTube community is vast, so it could be tough for competitors to break it up.

$75 Million!? Bring it on!

This post was written by Tube Chum’s Online Writer, Tracy Lane.

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