Comment: YouTube’s Adrian Gee is an embarrassment


As a writer for Tube Chum, I don’t like the idea of posting a negative article focused on a particular individual, but in this instance it seems fair to make an exception.

According to a recent report put together by Australian news show Today Tonight, YouTube ‘prankster’ Adrian Gee has produced a video starring paid actors, but hasn’t disclosed this information to his viewers.

[pullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The majority of Adrian Gee’s fans think his ‘Blind Man Honesty Test’ video is 100% genuine. Based on evidence from Today Tonight, it isn’t.[/pullquote]

So what’s this video about? In his experiment, Adrian Gee acts out the role of a blind man and asks ‘strangers’ to help him out with change for a five dollar note. He reaches into his wallet and pulls out a fifty dollar note instead, therefore testing the honesty of the people he’s interacting with.

Speaking in the video description, Adrian writes: “There are two possible outcomes from this situation: They could do the right thing and let the blind man know he is handing them the wrong note OR they could take advantage of the blind man by not saying anything basically stealing money from a blind person”.

“I was quite surprised as to the amount of people who basically stole off a blind man, absolutely ridiculous”.

In my opinion, Adrian, it’s ‘absolutely ridiculous’ that your social experiment could very well be completely staged.

Watch this video. Feel annoyed.

Today Tonight’s researchers did some digging and tracked down one of the actors featured in the video, who explained that he was approached via email on StarNow. He admitted: “[Adrian] asked me to go to do a social experiment. I’m new in town, so it was the first ever thing I have ever done. So I decided to do it”.


‘Everybody’ in Blind Man Honesty Test has a StarNow account (Image: Superfame)

The folk over at Superfame and The Daily Mail have also chosen to share the story of Adrian’s antics, which will perhaps go some way to making sure more people know the truth about the shady social experiment.

If Today Tonight’s report is accurate and Adrian Gee has purposely misled viewers for his own gain, then he’s an embarrassment. This isn’t the sort of YouTuber I want to watch. Simple.

Source: Superfame

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