Cringe! 5 truly embarrassing YouTube music videos

YouTube is home to a world of musical talent but there’s plenty of bum notes out there too.

From the beautiful, entrancing dance moves of Mr IceJJFish to the out-of-tune screams of teen pop wannabe Jenna Rose, we’ve heard it all. Today, Tube Chum nervously shines the spotlight onto YouTube’s most embarrassing YouTube music videos.

Prepare for cringe, folks.

On The Floor – IceJJFish

Views: 40.6 million


We spy some questionable dance moves.

“There’s something ’bout you, girl”, says IceJJFish as he awkwardly shakes his backside and lurches towards the presumably terrified cameraman.

The ‘official music video’ for the American musician’s On The Floor track has to be seen to be believed, currently boasting over 170,000 dislikes on YouTube. Over 40 million people have caught a glimpse of the artist.

If you’re a fan of the tune above, you’ll be pleased to know that official IceJJFish merch is on offer over at Spreadshirt. Phrases plastered onto the apparel include ‘When I see a red light all I know is go’ and ‘It ain’t no toppin’ you’.

3 Second Rule – Lisa Gail

Views: 1.05 million

Dislikes: 7,460

Take it away, Lisa!

Featured once before in our Deep Into YouTube series, Three Second Rule by Lisa Gail absolutely had to make our list of shame.

The music video features some (very) unique dancing, cowboys, hat tipping, school scenes and more. We’d call this a recipe for a viral hit.

Over on Lisa Gail’s official website, the singer’s bio reads: “Lisa Gail decided in April of 2012 to create a music video to the song of 3 Second Rule with the help of a choreographer. Once this song was uploaded on YouTube, it instantly went viral and began the exciting journey of a desire and a dream that Lisa Gail had dreamed of for years”.

Some of our favourite 3 Second Rule lines include “You can only look for 3 seconds and then look away”, “Just stay behind the line and within the timeframe” and “I see ya havin’ a peek”. Lovely.

Hot Problems – Double Take

Views: 690,000

Dislikes: 7,900

They’ve got problems too, except they’re hot.

Hot Problems by teen pair Double Take was released in April 2012 and very soon launched the ‘singers’ to YouTube’s hall of fame.

The original Hot Problems upload was released via the OldBaileyProductions YouTube channel and managed to climb its way to 2 million video views and over 80,000 dislikes. Sadly, the original video has since been removed, but there’s various copies and parodies online still.

Shortly after its release on YouTube, Hot Problems was put up for sale on iTunes, with tech website MSN posting an article soon after questioning if the song was legit or just an elaborate joke.

Whatever Hot Problems is, we love it. That’s all that matters.

I Screaming Inside My Head – Treatsforbeasts

Views: 12,000

Dislikes: 4

He’s screaming. Inside his head.

I Screaming Inside My Head is lesser known than the other tracks on our list, but it’s still a worthy addition.

The dark, semi-disturbing music video sees a mysterious man sat against a tree contemplating life. After a whole load of plays, we’ve fallen in love with the out-of-sync synth beat running in the background of the tune.

Tube Chum is pretty certain that this joke was actually made as a joke, unlike some of the other tracks we’ve featured. Even so, we got plenty of laughs out of Treatsforbeasts’ efforts. Treat yourself to a listen.

My Jeans – Jenna Rose

Views: 212,000

Dislikes: 3,000

She can go anywhere in her jeans, you know.

Dropping in 2010, Jenna Roses’ My Jeans tune has been compared countless times with Friday by Rebecca Black, which admittedly looks and sounds just as bad.

“Everyone can look at me in my jeans. I can go anywhere I want in my jeans”, Jenna proudly sings with her friends in her bedroom.

We’d like to give a deserving nod to the rap section of the track that’s forced in halfway through the music video. Our favourite line has to be ‘A B C, 1 2 3, that girl wore her jeans like me’. Top effort.

Which of these cringe-tastic YouTube music videos was your favourite? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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