Cut! 5 of the most controversial YouTube pranks

SoFloComedy – Taking People’s Phones Prank (GONE WRONG)

The ‘prank’ (above) sees one of the stars punched in the face.

As part of their infamous ‘Pranks in the Hood’ series, SoFloComedy released a video in which the YouTubers snatched mobile phones out of the hands of members of the public.

The upload proved a step too far for many SoFloComedy fans, with viewers slamming the video’s makers for putting innocent people in ‘stressful’ and ‘upsetting’ situations.

Trollstation – Make way for The Queens Guard Prank

The team behind YouTube Prank channel Trollstation are used to being in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, so it may come as no surprise that one of their most viewed videos is also one of their most controversial.

Trollstation’s Make way for The Queens Guard prank sees a member of the team impersonating a royal soldier as another gets into a physical fight with the actor. The video has been disliked almost 10,000 times.

VitalyzdTV – ‘How To Get Girls To Kiss You’

Russian pickup artist Vitaly Zdorovetskiy’s most talked about video features the YouTuber approaching random women on the street, asking them a series of questions and then kissing them unexpectedly.

Even after demands from the YouTube community telling Vitaly to remove the video over fears of sexual harassment, the LA-based prankster has kept the video online.

Which pranks do you think went too far? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet us at @TubeChum.

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