YouTube’s new desktop video player – A detailed look

Google made its new desktop video player design available to all users this month, but what do these changes mean for YouTubers and their viewers?

Here at Tube Chum, we’re offering up a detailed look at YouTube’s shiny new design.

What’s changed?

The new video player functions using HTML5, which means it’ s an up-to-date system running on cleaner code and a wide variety of new features.

YouTube’s HTML5 format is very well equipped for altering and developing mobile apps, which goes some way to explaining Google’s recent YouTube mobile app redesign. With more and more users watching their videos on mobile, an upgrade to the app will very beneficial.

These alterations have made YouTube’s desktop video player similar to the mobile version, with bigger icons and a smarter-looking interface on show.

The video control bar that lets you choose a part of the video to jump to has now become transparent and disappears completely when you stop moving your mouse.

Overall, changes aren’t too dramatic, although the slicker design has pleased many users who have criticised the video player for years.

There’s a new set of options on offer now when a user right-clicks a video, displaying the video URL, or the URL of the video from the time that you paused it. The menu also includes an option to report playback issues and even has a ‘Stats for nerds’ button which gives you access to detailed information on the video, such as dropped frames and the video’s ID.

Is it better than before?

From an aesthetic point of view, we reckon the new design is beautifully clean and modern.

Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with the changes. Popular Minecraft gamer CaptainSparklez tweeted his frustration at the new design.

Despite a couple of complaints online, YouTube will be pleased to know that most YouTubers are happy with the update. Twitter user @theneedledrop tweeted to YouTube: “I know everybody hates on you when you do something they don’t like, but I wanted to complement you on the new video player.”

Here at Tube Chum, we think YouTube’s latest video player design is a welcome change from the dated look of the previous version.

What do you think of YouTube’s desktop video player? Let us know by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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