Fame XV: Web-based, user-generated, social TV

The incredible number of videos available online poses a major challenge for content creators to gain visibility and to stand out from the crowd. In particular, YouTube is extremely cluttered and crowded. Offering increased visibility by design, Fame XV aims to complement and enhance existing platforms, empowering content creators to reach and engage with larger audiences.

YouTuber Michael Warbux (above) uses Fame XV to grow his audience.

Fame XV is currently partnering with MCNs, offering them and their partners premium reserved airtime on the platform’s channels. Up to now, Fame XV has partnered with a number of MCNs, including Zodiak Active, Acifin, VOUStudios and Nation Gaming Network.

Speaking to Tube Chum this week, Fame XV user Gary Lynch (of The Gary Lynch Show) said: “I use Fame XV like any other network. I record my videos on YouTube then schedule my show for 10pm on weekdays”.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how Fame XV impacts the YouTube Community”.

“[Fame XV] is such a great platform for YouTubers to get noticed with and I haven’t seen anything else quite like it”.

Another top Fame XV user, Michael Warbux, told us: “Once Fame XV site gets bigger, it’ll help channels grow. [The team] have been beyond courteous to me and they have a great site for creators. I’m looking forward to seeing how they impact the YouTube Community”.

For further information on Fame XV, visit the official website at Famexv.com. To apply for reserved / exclusive airtime, contact [email protected].

Have you tried Fame XV? Let us know about your experience by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

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