Feminism on YouTube: 5 names you need to know

Thomas, or Tomska, has mentioned in the past the importance of equality, especially on a creative platform such as YouTube. The YouTuber’s main channel consists of sketches, cartoons, advice clips and more. He has previously leant his opinion on issues related to mental health, with a focus on depression.

The Asdfmovie creator has mentioned previously that it’s hard to be taken seriously when struggling with mental health issues. Tomska also has DarkSquidge, a channel where he talks more openly without the comical persona featured on his main channel. This means raw, powerful videos.

Laci Green

Laci is arguably one of the most well-known feminists on YouTube, so we couldn’t possibly leave her out of today’s article. This YouTuber is passionate about issues related to the body and relationships and isn’t shy of issues that other vloggers would do their best to steer clear of.

Above: Laci on sexism.

The American vlogger is well known on YouTube for speaking out on gender equality. Even if it’s a taboo subject for some, we all need to know the ins and outs of sex somehow. Laci does a fantastic job of educating the masses on questions they’d be less willing to ask face-to-face with friends and family.


Bry is an Irish singer who has found fame through YouTube, leading onto festival dates and an album of his own. The performer, who used to be known on YouTube as Bribry (or Bribryontour), has sung a number of original songs and covered many recognised tunes.

Above: Bry’s most popular video.

This YouTuber recently went on tour with All Time Low and Twenty One Pilots and is well known for wearing makeup on camera and looking brilliant in the process! We salute you, Bry.

So there you have it, folks. Have we missed any YouTubers out on our list? Let us know your favourites by tweeting us at @TubeChum.

This post was written by James Sowden.

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